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A close relative to the dragon is a native Korean mythological creature known as an Imugi.  Some say that an Imugi is a proto-dragon which must survive one thousand years in order to become a full fledged dragon. Their sighting is associated with good luck.

Fitness, Focus, Friendship, Fun

Saturday mornings - 8 to 9 am

The Imugi program is designed for children aged 4-6 years.  We use an entertaining and exciting approach to teach our younger students: self defence, anti-bullying, discipline, improved concentration and social skills.  To put it simply we teach a topic or technique and reinforce it with a game, creating a fun learning environment.  Class is also a good cardio workout, laying the ground work for a lifetime of good health and physical fitness.  We conduct random in class testing where the students will earn their stripes and stars, thus achieving personal goals and ultimately preparing the young students for the regular curriculum.


Here's an example of an average class:



Competition style races or drills

Theory and social skill lessons

Fundamental movements

Light hand work and kicking on the pads

Concluding game

Beginner Special - 12 weeks - $85.00 + HST (initial join includes uniform)

(After the beginner special it's $85.00 + HST for every 12 week session.)

(Receipts issued)

(All memberships include student insurance)

Call today to reserve a place for your child - space is limited


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