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Bill Stoerig



7th degree Black Belt


International Master Instructor and Examiner.


Class "A" Umpire and Referee.


Successful tournament competitor and national / international coach.


Attends and hosts international seminars, courses and workshops.


Vulnerable Sector / Criminal Record Checks Clear.


Retired from the Canadian Armed Forces with 30+ years of service.



Master Bill Stoerig is a proud member of ITF HQ Korea. His instructor is Master Peter Sanders (8th Dan, Vice President ITF HQ Korea). Master Stoerig's father Fred was a 2nd Dan in Uechiryu Karate, which gave Bill his start in the martial arts. Since then he has been a student of Taekwon-Do for many years, training continuously with various Grand Masters, Masters and Instructors at numerous seminars and workshops throughout Canada and internationally, hence teaching Chang Hun Taekwon-Do the way it was intended by the founder, General Choi Hong Hi. 






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