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  Original and True Taekwon-Do


Looking for something for you

and/or your kids to do?

Fitness, Focus, Friendship, Fun?


Classes available three evenings a week plus Saturday mornings


Benefits - Defence, Physical Fitness, Weight Loss, Relieve Stress, Discipline,
Improve Concentration, Self-Confidence, Bully Proofing


- Beginner Special - 3 months - $150.00 + HST (includes uniform & student manual).

- After the beginner special the yearly membership is $575.00 + HST.

- Family discounts apply and there are payment plans available.

- No membership contracts.

- Receipts issued.

- All memberships include student insurance.

- No mandator private lessons nor between rank testings.

- All levels have at least four of their own classes they can attend per week.

- Classes are 1 hour in duration.


Fall River Taekwon-Do teaches the moral and social values of Chang Hun style traditional Taekwon-Do. Chang Hun style Taekwon-Do focuses on self defense not tournaments. No further changes in the art after volume 5 (1999) of the condensed encyclopedia, as approved by our founder General Choi Hong Hi.


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